About Us

Who We Are


Luxe Artistry Group is an award winning group of artists that are changing the landscape of the wedding industry.  We specialize in creating a Luxe Wedding experience for all of our clients.  With a background in fashion and entertainment, we strive to bring current trends and cutting edge artistry to each bride. We are not the passé stylists of weddings past, we are the future.  If you appreciate high fashion, red carpet glamour, and fresh faced beauty, we are the team for you.  Join us- indulge yourself in the luxe experience.

Our Approach


With years of training in the Fashion, Media, and Beauty industries, we strive to bring a unique flair to our clients' events.  Using the latest techniques and buzz worthy products, our clients always are made to feel pampered and important.  We want the best, most luxurious experience for all that select Luxe Artistry Group.

What To Expect


We're here to take the stress out of the wedding day preparations.  We've been in the wedding industry for many years, and have repeatedly been awarded "Best Of" in many categories and regions all over the country.  We are extremely professional, prompt and polished.  We believe in timely communication and a calm demeanor in stressful situations.  We love to have fun with our clients and are always honored to be chosen for such important life events.